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Hey everyone, welcome back; this week, I am continuing a new series near my heart about small business owners. Show support by sharing, shopping, and following them. I send love to anyone chasing their dreams. Never give up! Never lose hope! Today we are supporting Kadisa. (Maryam Issa & Nour Kaddoura)

Business Category: Shopping & Retail 

Mission Statement: Bringing fashion and quality to your closet 

What do you sell?: Women’s clothing: tops, dresses, jackets, jeans, sets 

Social Media Handles:


TWITTER- @kadisashop



Best Contact: phone: (925)695-5184 or (925)207-1092 

  • What inspired you to start your business?

Ever since we were little girls, we would always say we were going to open a clothing boutique together. Once we grew up, we never talked about it until one day when Nour texted Maryam and said that we should start an online clothing boutique, and the rest was history. 

  • How did you come up with your name and logo? 

The name of our company is actually both of our last names combined. Nour’s last name is Kaddoura, and Maryam’s last name is Issa, and that is how we came up with Kadisa. Our logo is the name of our business with an eye attached to the letter ‘K.’ We wanted something that somewhat represented our Middle Eastern heritage and loved the look of an Egyptian-inspired eye. 

  • How do you advertise?

Most of our advertising is done through social media and word of mouth. However, we are always looking for new ways to get our name out there!

  • Best-selling products or services?

Our best-selling products are our jackets; Our Lina jacket is a super chic denim jacket with pearl embellishments. We also have a corduroy puffer jacket that is another top seller. 

  • What’s your company’s goal?

Our goal is to one day expand into having an actual storefront and to be able to support our families, who have been so loving and supportive since day one.

  • What makes your business unique?

What makes our business different from others is that we focus on the quality of our pieces. Growing up, we didn’t like buying clothes that felt cheap, so we want our customers to know that they will always get the best quality when shopping with us.

  • Have you ever turned down a client? Why? How did it end? What did you learn?

When we launched our first-ever collection, we were still getting the hang of things and had a mixup with our inventory. A customer ordered a dress that we no longer had in stock. We immediately contacted the customer, apologized for the inconvenience, and offered a discount on any item of their choice, and thankfully the customer was very understanding. 

  • What advice would you give a new business owner?

PLAN AHEAD. We cannot stress this enough. We planned for almost a year before our launch and still didn’t even feel like we were fully ready. 

  • What’s your biggest mistake you may feel you have made since starting your company?

At the start of our journey, we didn’t always keep track of all our expenses which complicated things later on. Luckily, we’ve gotten much more organized. 

  • If you consider yourself black-owned or a minority business, do you feel like you’ve been given the same opportunities as someone who is not considered black or a minority. I do not consider yourself black or minority. What experiences have you encountered dealing with opportunities given or not given to you, Or do you feel that all opportunities are the same? Why do you feel that way?

We personally don’t feel that we have been at any sort of disadvantage by being minorities. We feel that when it comes to our business, our success is fully based on our efforts as a team.

  • Give your future self some love

Keep striving to grow your business and better yourselves as kind human beings. 


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