Herbal Catalog A Fast Guide To Using Herbs

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Hey everyone, and welcome back to my blog. With the new year almost upon us, I pray everyone has been wearing a mask and staying safe. Today, we are going to go over different vital points and herbs that can help. Think of this post as a reference guide to herbs.

Always consult with your do it or trusted physician if you have any concerns before changing your regular diet or taking new supplements.

You are the sole authority over your own body. These statements are not medical advice and are not regulated or approved by the FDA or any other certifying agency. This product is not meant to cure a disease or act in any medical capacity. Always consult with your doctor if you have any concerns. I am just a Humble herbalist and juicer trying to help heal the world.

Table Of Contents:

Immune system / Anti-inflammatory / Stress relief / Hair-Skin-Nails/ Joints-Bones-Body/ Muscles/ Organ-Body function / Digestive / Allergies / Detox / Antioxidant- Heart health / Brain-Migranes / Energy / Sleep

Immune System:

Vitamin C – Immune boosting and helps manage High blood pressure as well as prevent Iron deficiency

Vitamin B12 – Immune System building, Cognition, Brain health and Boost energy

Vitamin B –Complex – Immune System building, Cognition, and Brain health

Full Spectrum Minerals – Immune System Health, High in Vitamin D, and is High in Vitamin B7

Elderberry Syrup – Immune System Booster, High in Antioxidants, and helps tame inflammation

Echinacea – Immune System booster, Improves Blood sugar, and helps with Inflammation

Goldenseal – Immune System booster, Antibacterial, Anti-Inflammatory, and helps with sinus infections and Indigestion

Garlic – Immune System booster, Lowers Cholesterol, and fights colds and flu, and reduces heart disease

Ginger – Immune System booster, helps with digestive aide, and treats nausea and Help with morning sickness

Beta Glucan – Immune System booster, great source of fiber, reduces high cholesterol and improves skin conditions like eczema

Oil of Oregano – Immune System booster, lowers cholesterol, helps treat yeast infections, and improves gut health

Ashwagandha – Can be used as an immune tonic safe for everyday use. Good for stress relief

Chinese Golden thread – Purify’s blood, detox, & immune system repair

Turkey tail mushrooms – The natural antiviral and anti-fungal qualities of this mushroom support the body in fighting off viruses infections. This includes a range of health problems, from the common cold and pneumonia to E. coli, Herpes, and HIV. They also are said to have anti-cancer properties


Turmeric – Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, and May help improve the symptoms of depression and arthritis

Molecularly distilled fish oil/Krill Oil/Cod Liver Oil – May help with arthritis, fibromyalgia, brain, mood/depression, and heart health

Wobenzym – May help as a Anti-inflammatory, and with joint health, environmental toxins, blood clots, and heart health

Zinc – Used as an Anti-inflammatory, May be used as an immune system booster, free radical fighter, and May help with hormonal imbalance

CBD Oil – Anti-inflammatory, cell regeneration, cancer help

Cannabis with THC, Indica & Sativa – Used as an Anti-inflammatory, cell regeneration, and systemic restoration

Resveratrol – Protects cells from free radical damage, inhibits the spread of cancer, especially prostate cancer, lowers blood pressure, keeps the heart healthy and improves elasticity in blood vessels, normalizes anti-inflammatory response, Helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Stress relief:

Passionflower – It’s a sedative; the German government has approved it for nervous restlessness. Some studies find that it can reduce symptoms of anxiety as effectively as prescription drugs. It’s often used for insomnia

Hair, Skin, & Nails:

Silica – Strengthen’s hair growth and May prevent damage

Biotin – Stimulates keratin, and can increase follicle growth / For skin will help with any B7 deficiency

Magnesium Oil – Can be ingested or applied to the skin to keep skin hydrated, reduce pain and strengthen teeth

Emu Oil – Can be ingested ( capsules) or applied to the skin to moisturize your face, body, and skin. May decrease inflammation and improve scars

Lavender Oil – Helps with scars, stress, skin irritation and fungal infections

Coconut Oil – Helps with skin reducing wrinkles, good for oil pulling, on skin may clog pores, full of antioxidants

Tea Tree Oil – Helps with skin blemishes, can be used in a DIY hand sanitizer, works to treat acne and acne scars, and Help with nail fungus

MSM – Helps with skin health, helps strengthen hair, and with inflammation


Glucosamine Chondroitin – Used to treat osteoarthritis (OA), and used as an Anti-inflammatory

MSM – Used as an Anti-inflammatory, Helps with connective tissues, scar tissue, Skin, muscles, and newly discovered help for getting over the flu faster

L-Glutamine – An Amino Acid that improves protein metabolization

Calcium – Helps improve bone strength and development

Feverfew – Prevention of migraines & headaches, arthritis, reduce fevers, muscle tension, and pain; helps lower blood pressure, lessen stomach irritation, stimulate the appetite, and to improve digestion and kidney function. It has been indicated for colitis, dizziness, tinnitus, and menstrual problems

Kratom – Used to lower blood pressure, relieve pain, boost metabolism, increase sexual energy, improve the immune system, prevent diabetes, ease anxiety, help with addiction, eliminate stress, and induce healthy sleep

Ceylon cinnamon – Lowers blood sugar levels, reduces heart disease risk factors, a high source of antioxidants, contains anti-inflammatory properties, protects heart health, fights diabetes, helps defend against cognitive decline & protects brain function, may help lower cancer risk, fights infections & viruses, protects dental health & freshens breath naturally

Potassium – Used to relief from stroke, blood pressure, heart and kidney disorders, anxiety, and stress, as well as enhanced muscle strength, metabolism, water balance, electrolytic functions, and nervous system


Chamomile – Used to heal muscle pain and soreness, helps with insomnia and restlessness

Tart Cherries – Used as a muscle relaxer, anti-inflammatory, & antioxidant

Peppermint – Used as a muscle relaxer for backaches, leg pain, & tension headaches

Cayenne Pepper – Reduces muscle pain, stiffness, & inflammation

Epsom Salt: Relaxes the nervous system, removes toxins, & helps with pain and inflammation

Valerian – Helps with muscle spasms, may help treat insomnia, headaches, and anxiety

Arnica – Used as an anti-inflammatory & improves blood circulation

Lavender – Reduces pain and swelling, helps calm the mind & helps with inflammation

Passion Flower- Helps with muscle spasms & joint pain. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, It may always be used for stress, insomnia, and attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Raspberry Leaf Tea – Used for muscle pain & cramps, also rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Supports healthy menstruation and tones the uterus

Magnesium oil – Topical for muscle pain & cramps

Organ/Body Function:

Milk Thistle – Supports liver health, promotes skin health, may improve allergic asthma symptoms, and may reduce cholesterol. (great for hangovers)

Chromium Picolinate – An essential mineral that you absorb from the foods you eat. Some people take a supplement as a complementary and alternative therapy to help a chromium deficiency control blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, or lose weight

Dandelion – Supports kidney health, may reduce cholesterol, may lower blood pressure, and may help with weight loss

Cayenne – May lower blood pressure, help with a metabolism boost, and may lower cholesterol

Bilberry -Helps if you have diarrhea, eye problems, varicose veins, poor circulation, and even cancer

Apple Vinegar Cider -Helps lower diabetes, treat cancer, heart health, high cholesterol, and weight loss

Resveratrol – Protects cells from free radical damage, inhibits the spread of cancer, especially prostate cancer, lowers blood pressure, keeps heart-healthy, and improves elasticity in blood vessels. Normalizes anti-inflammatory response, Helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease


Digestive enzymes – Helps with digestive health and also inflammation

DGL – Licorice Root Extract that aids digestion and treats stomach complaints, including heartburn and indigestion

Probiotics – Helps with gut health, has an immune system booster, and a good bacteria

Marshmallow root tea – Treats cough and colds. It may act as a pain reliever, aid in digestion, or be used as a diuretic

Slippery Elm – Used against diarrhea and an intestinal and rectal coating to eliminate viral and bacterial infections


Quercetin – Used for natural antihistamine (seasonal allergies and allergic reactions)

Nettle Stinging Leaf (tea) – Used for allergies


Vitamin C – Used as detox and immune system booster and repair

DMG (N-Dimethylglycine) – Improves oxygen utilization, detoxification, cell protection, immune system modulation, and physical performance

Glutathione – Used as a super antioxidant for stress and used for injuries

King Chlorella – Cleaning out environmental toxins/heavy metals

Iodine (liquid kelp) – Protection against radiation

Beet Root – Used as a body detox

Antioxidant, heart health, anti-aging:

Green Tea – Full of antioxidants, may also reduce bad breath and may help with heart disease

Activated Charcoal – Used as full body detox, works through the digestive tract and whitens teeth

Bentonite Clay – Used as a heavy metal detox, treating oily skin and acne and detoxifying the skin

Diatomaceous Earth – Used as a heavy metal detox, helps treat constipation and be used as an exfoliator

Cilantro -Rids heavy metal in the body, may lower anxiety, lower blood sugar, and help prevent a UTI (Urinary tract infection)

Organic Citrus peels – Rich in fiber, vitamin c, folate, calcium and can be used a metal detox

Spirulina – A powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, may reduce blood pressure and detox heavy metals

Oil of oregano -A powerful antioxidant used to purify the blood, detox, & repair the immune system.

Echinacea – A super herb used to purify the blood, detox, & repair the immune system


Vitamin D – May help with mental health, used as an immune booster, used for scar healing, and keeps muscles healthy

Lithium Orotate –Used as a mood stabilizer, used to help with anxiety and for cluster headaches

Vitamin B-6 – May improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression, promote brain health, and treat PMS symptoms

Magnesium – May help with migraines, keep blood pressure regularly and keep bones healthy

Glutathione -May help with migraines, may reduce stress, and may help fight against autoimmune diseases

Molecularly distilled fish oil – May help with symptoms of depression, removing heavy metals and other toxins

St. John Wort –  May help with symptoms of depression and decreases nervousness and tiredness related to depression

B2 – May help with migraine symptoms, also helps break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates


Pantothenic Acid – Filled with (Vitamin B-5) It’s necessary for making blood cells, and it helps you convert the food you eat into energy

Eleuthero root – Increases energy and reduces fatigue, also may manage menopause


Melatonin – Used as a sleep aid

Valerian – Used as a sleep aid, also promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety

Chamomile -Promotes relaxation and used sleep aide, also so may help with PMS symptoms

Tart Cherry Juice – Used for sleep help, also used to treat gout and illness prevention

Energy and Food and What you need to know?

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Hi everyone, how are you today? Today we are going to be talking about energy and food and how they both keep our bodies going. Always consult with your do it or trusted physician if you have any concerns before changing your regular diet or taking new supplements.

Eating a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep are the best ways to maintain your natural energy levels. The worst foods to eat for sustained energy are high-sugar foods because they cause your blood sugar to quickly rise, triggering the release of too much insulin, which triggers a plunge in blood sugar levels, AKA a sugar crash. When you have a sugar crash the body literally shuts down. Think of when you eat a really big meal? What do you normally do after you eat? Do you lay down? Go for a walk? The body is a literal machine and we only get one and I’m here to help you take care of it.

 Energy comes from the food we eat. Our bodies digest the food we eat by mixing it with fluids (acids and enzymes) in the stomach. Common reasons for tiredness or fatigue  allergic rhinitis, anemia, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic kidney disease, liver disease, lung disease (COPD), a bacterial or viral infection, or some other health condition. Fatigue may result from overwork, poor sleep, worry, boredom, or lack of exercise.

About 70 percent of your body’s iron is found in the red blood cells of your blood called hemoglobin and in muscle cells called myoglobin. Normal levels of iron are between 33.5 and 44.9% for adult women and 38.3 to 48.6% for adult men. For information check out https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/iron-deficiency-anemia/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20355040

Myoglobin: a protein found in the muscle cells of animals

Herbs that may help with iron: Yellow dock, Dandelion, Stinging nettle, Alfalfa, and Parsley

Do’s and Don’ts:

Do eat breakfast: Eating breakfast sets the tone for the day and helps you choose better options throughout the day. Foods for energy in the morning include oatmeal ( regular oatmeal with nut butter, greek yogurt or cottage cheese), protein rich options with vegetables are also a good option.

Don’t go hungry: Eating regular meals and snacks helps keep your energy at an even level, without highs and lows. Eating every 3-5 hours (three small meals and two snacks).

As someone who is rebuilding there relationship with food I understand how this may seem hard but I will be making a separate post on portion sizes and how can heal your relationship with food.

Do eat fat: Your body needs a regular intake of fat which helps with energy levels and helps the body absorb some key nutrients.

Don’t forget about water: It is recommended to aim for at least 6 to 8 cups daily, but generally people need more, especially if you exercise. Never stress yourself over water though ,drink when you are thirsty. In the age of the Internet their are drinking water apps, have an accountability partner or even set alarms as your reminder to drink water.

Do check your iron: Iron deficiency can lead to feelings of fatigue, both physically and mentally. 

Don’t eat too many processed foods: Choose an apple with 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter, or plain low-fat Greek yogurt sprinkled with a few chopped walnuts.

DIY FLAVORED WATER RECIPES: ( if you need help drinking water or want to spice it up)

You will need a regular pitcher or anything you keep water in. Each batch will make around 4 servings. For each recipe you will need 5 cups of water and ice cubes if you are into that kind of thing.

Strawberry, basil and lemon: 1/2 cup strawberries stemmed and sliced, fresh or frozen / 5 large fresh basil leaves torn / 1 lemon sliced

Honeydew, cucumber and mint: 1/2 cup honeydew cubes, 1 cucumber thinly sliced and 10 fresh mint leaves torn

Blueberries, lemon, and rosemary: 1/2 pint blueberries / 1 lemon sliced / 4 springs rosemary

Mango, raspberry and ginger: 1 mango peeled and cubed / 1/2 pint raspberries / 1 ( 2inch) piece fresh ginger peeled and thinly sliced

Storage: You can leave the fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs in the water for up to 24 hours. After that, remove them and store the infused water in the refrigerator for up to 3 more days (4 days total).

Make ahead: Infuse water the night before a party so it has plenty of time to flavor and chill the water.

🌱Foods that may help: 

Vegetables(carrots, ginger, turmeric, beets)

Fruits ( banana’s, goji berries, apples, strawberries, oranges)

Seeds(flaxseed, chia seeds etc)

Beans and legumes 

Healthy fats(avocados,pumpkin seeds) 

Leafy greens(kale, collard greens etc)

Berries(known to boost energy and promote brain function) 

High quality protein(eggs, chickpeas, salmon, beef liver)

Grains ( oatmeal, popcorn, quinoa, brown rice)

🌱Nutrients that may help:

Iron Humble soul iron tea) used for anemia (https://linktr.ee/humblesoul) Click online store to support my small business

Iron Me Strong a synergistic blend of herbs rich in plant-based iron. A natural herbal iron that helps the body naturally assimilate iron. 

Rhodiola (increase energy, stamina, strength, and mental capacity)

Ashwagandha (reduce mental and physical fatigue) 

Vitamin B12 and D(naturally in a variety of animal proteins, such as meat, fish and dairy products) 

Coq10( improve symptoms of congestive heart failure and boost energy)

Cinnamon(sip cinnamon tea instead of reaching for a can of Red Bull the next time you’re feeling drowsy)

How to live an Anti-inflammatory lifestyle

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Inflammation is a localized physical condition in which part of the body becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful, especially as a reaction to injury or infection . It’s mainly a reaction from your immune system. Today we are going to learn simple steps that may help you on your journey in wellness.

What’s at the root of chronic inflammation?

An imbalanced immune system contributes to chronic inflammation by sending your body misdirected signals. Inflammatory cells are very powerful (this helps get rid of invaders before they can do harm) and produce a constant, low-grade flow of strong inflammatory markers into the blood stream that can cause damage with time.

To start with brush and floss your teeth regularly. Wellness is not just the absence of disease, but the presence of vitality and health. This is also true when it comes to oral wellness. Just because you don’t have any cavities, doesn’t mean you’ve achieved oral wellness. Making sure your mouth is in sync with your entire body is a process and a routine.

Audit your diet. Choosing the right foods can help your body by blocking certain stages in the inflammatory cascade or by removing toxic by-products.

Anti-inflammatory foods include:

👉🏾dark berries (including blueberries and blackberries)

👉🏾red wine (in moderation a glass a day)

👉🏾dark chocolate (a square or two a day, and be sure it’s not processed with alkali because this greatly reduces the major antioxidant flavanol)

Turmeric Elixir:

👉🏾2 teaspoons organic dried turmeric (or fresh turmeric if it’s available)

👉🏾1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger

👉🏾1-2 tablespoons lemon rind (from unwaxed organic lemon)

👉🏾1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice (depending on desired taste)

👉🏾2 cups water (or coconut water if you want it sweeter)

👉🏾1-2 tablespoons raw organic honey to taste (you can use organic maple syrup as an alternative).

Blend all these ingredients into a bright orange solution. Store in the refrigerator up to 5 days freeze up to 3 months

Add Turmeric to your diet: Turmeric contains curcumin, which extinguishes inflammation by shutting off pro-inflammatory markers and reducing free radicals. Turmeric can be consumed in food, as a tea, in capsules or in a solution.

Cut out chemicals: Exposure to pesticides and preservatives causes inflammation by invading cells and destroying tissue.Be especially careful with cleaning products. There are many natural options that are effective and much less toxic to you and your family. Stick to homemade food instead of highly-processed foods that come in plastic containers.

Get regular exercise: Regular exercise reduces inflammation very effectively by improving circulation and lymphatic flow, and reducing body fat. You can do any type of exercise as long as it gets your heart pumping. Set a goal to work out for at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week and work up to it bit by bit.

Have a stress routine: When you are stressed out have a routine with healthy coping mechanisms that will help you stay on track. Inflammation is also triggered in response to stress and anxiety. The more stress in your life, the more likely it is you’re headed towards an inflamed state. Consider starting a meditation program or try journaling every night both help release stress.

Always consult with your do it or trusted physician if you have any concerns before changing your regular diet or taking new supplements.

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Kids Gut Health

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Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today we are learning about kids gut health and how you can help them stay healthy and happy. Bacteria in your child’s gut plays an important role in keeping them healthy, both mentally and physically. Did you know your gut also influences 80% of your immune system which is needed to fight off bugs, and communicates with the rest of the body, particularly the brain.

The gut has many important functions such as:

aiding digestion

the absorption of nutrients

waste removal

Some great child-friendly probiotic rich foods include:



Fermented vegetables 


Child-friendly recipes:

Check out


    Herbs that may help: 

    Lavender has been used  to promote relaxation and help with tummy aches 

    Ginger can reduce nausea, stimulate saliva and bile production, soothe the stomach and help ease motion-sickness. Also good for reducing gas and bloating

    Cinnamon has powerful healing properties is its anti-inflammatory effect

    Bay leaf is said to have strong effects on the gastrointestinal system, helping to decrease the toxicity of our bodies and even soothing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

    Oregano is known to have an antimicrobial effect in the gut 

    Probiotics are live microorganisms that are intended to have health benefits when consumed or applied to the body. 

    Prebiotic’s are specialized plant fiber that acts as a fertilizer for the good bacteria already in the digestive system.

    If you have Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) or FODMAPs intolerance, prebiotics are also not recommended.

    Check out https://www.hyperbiotics.com/blogs/recent-articles/gut-healthy-foods-on-a-budget for more information

    All about caffeine

    Health and Wealth

    Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant of the methylxanthine class. It is used as a cognitive enhancer, increasing alertness and attentional performance. Natural caffeine replacements that can help cut down on caffeine.

    For every 1 fluid oz (29.6g) there is 12 mg of caffeine

    The side effects of caffeine at higher doses include restlessness, anxiety, irritability, and insomnia.

    Withdrawal symptoms from high doses of caffeine can include headache and fatigue.

    Devil Mountain’s Black Label coffee is known as the highest caffeine coffee in the world. Not for the faint of heart, this coffee contains over 1,500 milligrams of caffeine.

    Caffeine in popular drinks/products

    651 milligrams / per 12 fluid ounces. Starbucks Venti Coffee.

    415 milligrams / 20 fluid ounce. Dunkin’ Donuts Large Coffee with Turbo Shot.

    395 milligrams / 20 fluid ounce. Shock Coffee Triple Latte.

    280 milligrams/ per 23.5 ounces. Jolt energy drink.

    300 milligrams/per 16 fluid ounces. C4 ultimate energy drink

    133 milligrams/per 16 ounces. McDonalds coffee.

    200 milligrams/per 1.93 fluid ounces. 5-hour energy.

    Two Excedrin Migraine tablets: 130 milligrams.


    enhanced alertness

    improved athletic performance

    elevated mood

    increased metabolism

    🍶Chicory root can be roasted, ground and brewed ( caffeine free)

    use 2 tablespoons of grounds for every 6 ounces (180 ml) of water, or adjust this ratio based on your preferences

    🍶Matcha tea a type of green tea made by steaming, drying and grinding the leaves

    matcha tea provides an abundance of beneficial antioxidants in a single serving

    🍶Golden tea is a rich, caffeine-free substitute for coffee

    filled with ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and black pepper

    other common additions include cardamom, vanilla and honey

    🍶 Yerba mate is a naturally caffeinated herbal tea made from the dried leaves of the South American holly tree

    loaded with beneficial plant compounds that act as antioxidants

    🍶 Kombucha is made by fermenting black tea with bacteria, yeast and sugar

    after fermentation, kombucha contains probiotics, acetic acid and antioxidants

    Herb Puzzle Break

    Health and Wealth

    Hey everyone, having a hobby is very important and one of my favorite hobbies are cross word puzzles. So I took it upon myself to create this herb puzzle so you can take a break, make some tea and relax. If you would like more puzzles be sure to give this a like and share!

    Shout out to https://thewordsearch.com


    To Download PDF

    Healthy Juice / Smoothie Recipes

    Health and Wealth

    Hey everyone and welcome back for another day of learning.

    Down below will be healthy juice recipes that can be used to help heal.

    Monster Green Juice

     1 cup broccoli / 1 cup cucumber / 2 cup romaine lettuce / 1/2 cup cilantro / 1/2 green apple *optional / 1 lime

    Instructions: Wash your produce and run through a juicer.

    Mood Booster

    Men who consumed high levels of folate from green leafy vegetables enjoyed a reduced risk on lung cancer. Women who consumed more leafy greens were 44 percent less likely to get breast cancer, according to an Iowa Women’s Health Study.

    1. 4 broccoli spears / 1/2 cup spinach leaves / 3 Swiss chard leaves / 1/2 bell pepper

    2. 3 ribs celery / 1/2 small beet / 1 cup blueberries

    Kidney Juice

    Cabbage is a master healer to the gut and digestive system, and loaded with phytonutrients known to guard against cancer and cleanse your kidneys too.

    1 head fennel, chopped / 1/4 green apple / 3 cups purple cabbage, chopped

    Berry Dream

    Beetroot and carrots are a match made in heaven for a detox or morning pick me up. Even though its not popular juicing cabbage is very beneficial.

    2 beets / 2 carrots / 1 cup strawberries / 6-8 cabbage leaves

    Inflammation Juice

    Celery is used to purify the blood and reduce inflammation in the body which can help to clear skin.

    2 ribs celery / 1 carrot / 1 cup parsley / 1 cup cucumber

    Bone Juice

    High content of vitamin K is essential in anchoring calcium in bones, making it important to bone health.

    2-4 granny smith medium apple / 2 celery stalks / 2 kale leaves / 1 lemon peeled / 4 cups of spinach

    Hormone Green Smoothie

    This smoothie recipe you’re loading up on vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. You will also enjoy the healthy hormone balancing fats for glowing skin and more energy.

    1 kiwi / 1/2 cup kale / 1/ 2 green apple, cored / 1/2 lemon / 1 tsp honey or 1 pitted date / 1 tbsp around flax / 1/2 cup of coconut water or milk

    Instructions: Blend in the blender on high until smooth and enjoy.

    Apricot Smoothie

    Rich in Vitamin A to protect your eyes, Vitamin C to protect you from free radical damage, potassium to encourage good heart function and fiber to nourish the intestines. These little fruits are super nourishing. You can also switch up the herb and use ginger, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg or cloves in place of or in combination with the mint.

    1 cup fresh or frozen apricots / 1 fresh or frozen banana / 5 -6 mint leaves, stems removed / 1 cup coconut or almond milk

    Citrus Cold Buster Smoothie

    Limes are a part of the citrus family which you most likely know means that they are a great source of the all-important vitamin C. But limes can do so much more than prevent scurvy! Limes are also great sources of calcium and folate and have been shown in studies to help prevent cancers of the colon, stomach and blood.

    1 orange, peeled / 1 lemon, peeled / 1 lime, peeled / 2 dates, pitted / 2 cups green lettuce / 1 cup of water or coconut water

    Instructions: Peel your citrus fruits, pit your dates and blend together until smooth. Due to the citrus, this smoothie is best enjoyed right away and can become bitter if let to sit.

    Always consult with your doctor or health provider if you have any health concerns.

    Weight loss and A Safe way to get started

    Health and Wealth

    Weight loss and a safe way to get started! Hi everyone and welcome back for another day of learning today we are going to be talking about weight loss.

    Weight loss: Become thinner or lighter according to the dictionary but I believe it should feeling comfy in your own skin from the inside out. Here are a few ways to lose weight naturally.

    What causes weight gain?

    Sometimes, you may unintentionally gain weight without increasing your food intake or decreasing your physical activities. This may either be periodic, rapid, or continuous. Weight gain can happen from diabetes, a not so well balanced diet, pcos or even genetics. Certain medications like corticosteroids, antidepressants, birth control pills, and antipsychotic drugs are known to cause weight gain.

    What is BMI ( Body Mass Index )?

    Body Mass Index (BMI) is your weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters. A high BMI can be an indicator of high body fatness. Standard BMI levels are:

    A BMI of less than 18.5 indicates that you are underweight.

    A BMI between 18.5–24.9 means that you have a healthy weight.

    A BMI of 25-29.9 indicates that you are slightly overweight.

    A BMI above 30 is considered obese.

    You should consult with a medical herbalist / doctor if you have concerns about your weight/weight loss. Although all of these herbs are safe to use on the , some people can be allergic or sensitive to certain plants which can cause dermatitis or allergic reactions.


    Number 1 is love yourself!

    Now I know you’re thinking wow really? Well loss no matter the reason for the weight loss love your body and the journey you are on. No matter what you have been through everyday you wake up is another chance to be better.

    SO BE BETTER BE THE BEST YOU YOU CAN BE. If you need a little download this free ebook I created to help you love yourself.


    Number 2 is add protein to your diet.

    Because the body burns calories when digesting and metabolizing the protein you eat, so a high-protein diet can boost metabolism. High protein foods include poultry, eggs, guava, green peas, avocado and even mushrooms.

    Number 3 is avoid processed foods.

    Now I do enjoy Wendys every now and then bu with weight loss all the extra junk needs to go.

    Number 4 is stock up on healthy foods and snacks.

    There are also many healthy and natural snacks that are easy to prepare and take with you on the go.These include yogurt, whole fruit, nuts, carrots, and hard-boiled eggs. Be careful not to eat too much fruit because the sugar will add up.

    Number 5 is supplement with Glucomannan.

    Glucomannan is a dietary fiber usually made from the root of the konjac plant. It’s historically been used as food and medicine in Asian cultures. Glucomannan may work in the stomach and intestines by absorbing water to form a bulky fiber which helps with constipation. It may also slow the absorption of sugar and cholesterol in the gut, helping control sugar levels in people with diabetes and reduce cholesterol levels.

    Side effects: Some people may experience mild side effects, such as bloating, flatulence, soft stools or diarrhea, but these negative effects are uncommon. Glucomannan can also reduce the absorption of oral medications like sulfonylurea, a diabetes drug.

    Number 6 is drinking honey and key limes first thing in the morning.

     Drinking warm water with honey, along with a tinge of key limes in the morning could be an effective anti-cellulite treatment, as it helps to increase your body’s metabolism, burn belly fat, and reduce weight gain. 

    Take one cup of warm water and then squeeze half a key lime into it. Mix two teaspoons of honey and drink it happily. Drink one to two cups of this mixture throughout the day.

    Number 7 is drinking hibiscus tea.

    Drinking hibiscus tea will help in regulating the metabolism of lipids and is also useful in eliminating fat from your body.  

    Hibiscus tea is very effective in reducing the size of fat cells and balancing your weight. 

    Take two teaspoons/ 1 humble teabag of dry hibiscus leaves and add them to one liter of water. Boil them for nearly 10 to 15 minutes and strain them. 

    Drink at least 2 cups every day which will help you in losing weight.

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    Number 8 is eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.

    From someone who is working on stress eating it’s important to learn your body and be open to what your stomach is really saying. It is absolutely okay to not be hungry sometimes. Remember that your body is like a machine and sometimes it needs a little extra rest.

    Number 9 is practice yoga ands exercise everyday.

    Getting your body moving for at least 30 minutes a day even by just walking can help your body in more ways then one. Yoga benefits include increased flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, improved respiration, energy and vitality, maintaining a balanced metabolism, weight reduction, and cardio and circulatory health. Youtube has hundreds of intro videos on yoga and how to get started.

    I recommend https://youtube.com/c/yogawithadriene

    Number 10 is drink Humble soul detox tea.


    Humble detox tea is handcrafted with love Ginger root, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Passion flower, Liquorice root, Yarrow flower, Calendula flower, Dandelion leaf, Hibiscus, 

    Humble detox tea was created to help detox the body! This tea will help with digestion and flush out toxins. 

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    More tips for weight loss with less explanation:

    Say no to allergens ; Sensitivities to certain foods cause inflammation in the gut, water retention and bloating. Allergens are the wheat or dairy in your diet.

    Eat one raw meal everyday for two weeks or at least once or twice a week. This ensures that you eat more nutrient-rich fresh vegetables and fruits.

    Eat slower and properly in some studies it is said that you should chew 20 chews per mouthful. Put down your fork and make you’ve swallowed before taking another bite to eat.

    Use coconut oil ; Coconut oil contains healthy fats called medium chain triglycerides that your body uses quickly for energy, but doesn’t raise the level of sugar in your blood stream.

    Keep breakfast regular ; If you eat breakfast regularly and then start cutting it out occasionally, you may feel hungry but it will also stop you from overeating at subsequent meals. Even having a hearty smoothie can be a great replacement.

    Weight loss Smoothies

    DIY Juice Cleanse

    Love Juicing, but don’t where to start? Ready to start your own health and wellness journey but don’t have the supplies you’ve come to right place!


     7 clean juice bottles and caps

     For the love of juicing ebook 

    DIY Ginger Tea ( by weight) Ginger, Peppermint, Cloves, Lemon balm, Chamomile, Turmeric , Cinnamon)

     Peppermint Tea ;(30 tea bags)

     Detox Tea;(10 teabags)  Licorice root, Dandelion, Peppermint, Passion flower, Yarrow Flower, Calendula Petals, Hibiscus Flower, Ginger root, Lemongrass

     3 week Seamoss Capsule Supply ( 42 capsules)/

    Free Herb booklet

    Green Fat Burner

    1 cup spinach/ 2 tablespoon fresh mint/ 1 stalk celery (chopped)/ ½ cup brewed humble detox tea (cooled)/ ½ grapefruit (peeled and seeded)/ 1 cup pineapple (frozen)/ ¼ avocadodash cayenne pepper (optional)1 serving Protein Smoothie Boost ( optional)


    Place spinach, mint, celery and green tea into blender./ Puree until smooth./ Add remaining ingredients.

    Blend again. Best when served chilled.

    Pineapple Weight Loss

    3/4 cup fresh spinach, 3/4 frozen pineapple, 1/2 banana frozen peeled, 1 tbsp coconut flakes ( unsweetened), 1 tsp matcha green tea powder, 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk

    Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender and blend until completely smooth./ Transfer to a glass and enjoy immediately. 

    Best Herbs For Weight loss

    Fenugreek, Cayenne pepper, Ginger, Oregano, Ginseng, Turmeric / Black pepper, and Dandelion

    Vitamins For Weight loss

    B vitamins, Vitamin D, Iron, Magnesium, and Green tea extract

    Supplements that don’t work for weight loss

    bitter orange (synephrine)/ carnitine/ conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)/ forskolin/ chromium picolinate / fucoxanthin/ garcinia cambogia

    Fruit that may burn belly fat

    Peaches, Apple, Tomato, Pineapple, Strawberries, Watermelon, Oranges, Kiwi

    Financial Wellness

    Health and Wealth

    Wellness is becoming more aware of the choices you make for a balanced life. Wellness is the pursuit of continued growth and balance in the seven dimensions of wellness. Today we are learning about Financial Wellness.

    If you are new here check out the series! Don’t forget to subscribe, comment and like.

    Financial Wellness  is a state of being in which you can meet current and future financial obligations, feel secure in your financial future and make choices that let you enjoy life. It is being in a situation where you control your day today or month to month finances while having the freedom and security to deal with financial emergencies and still stay on track to meet your longterm financial goals.

    The four elements of financial wellness

    Steps to Achieving Financial Wellness:

    Develop a plan to live within your means

    Creating an emergency cash reserve (and creating – in advance – your household definition of “emergency”)

    Eliminating debt and build good credit

    Understand the basics of debt, investing, risk retirement planning and taxes

    Use a budget and stick with it / Use a spending tracker

    Check your credit report annually for errors

    Consider using cash to help with any budgeting issues

    Keep credit usage below 30%

    Rebalance your investment portfolio each year

    Financial wellness at work

    To examine your financial wellness, start with these considerations: 

    Are you prepared for an emergency? 

    What’s your attitude towards money? How does talking or thinking about money make you feel? 

    Do you have short-term and long-term financial goals? 

    Do you have a budget? Do you stick to it? 

    What’s your retirement plan? 

    What’s important and not important?

    The benefits of financial wellness:

    Less stress

    Increased innovation and creativity

    Harmony between work and life

    Better performance at work

    For more information


    Weight Watchers Fact or Fiction

    Health and Wealth

    Hey everyone, today we are learning about weight watchers. Weight watchers is a points system weight loss program that calculates your personal nutrition needs based on your height, weight, age, and activity level. Your assigned daily points are designed with the goal of tracking what you eat. Every food as a point value members are instructed to use the allotted points per day, without going over or under.

    When I was growing up weight watchers was everywhere from tv shows to movies everyone knew about it. Known as a wellness brand but do they really cover all the bases. Some would like to think that deep down its just another diet that sucks people dry. In 2018 weight watchers rebranded as WW International with a new moto wellness that works.

    With over 4.7 million people subscribed and a spokesperson like Auntie Oprah it would seem like they have some secret to success. In my opinion with benefits like online support in the form of dietary advice, dieting tools, a database of food/recipes, fitness videos and workout routines keeps people coming back. Weight watchers has also made a partnership with Headspace to provide guided meditations and provide more mental health content. In my opinion most of the hype comes from the celebrities they sign these deals with but the question to ask is are they really following the diet?

    Pros and Cons


    Weight watchers does not restrict the types of food a person can eat

    Community based program may be helpful if you need support during lifestyle change ( meetings happen in person/online)

    Weight watchers provides meal planning, recipes, and workout suggestions on its app


    Plans offering support are more expensive

    Members must keep track of every item they eat or drink ( counting may seem tiring)

    It’s easy to put back on the weight

    Food can become a number, which can lead to a disordered relationship with food / Can encourage binge eating

    Bad foods have higher foods

    Frequently asked questions about Weight Watchers

    How much weight can you lose weight on weight watchers?

    Members can expect to lose 1-2 lb per week. A person’s success with Weight Watchers can vary depending on how closely they follow their plan, how often they attend WW meetings, and whether they stick to their plan during the maintenance period after reaching their weight loss goal.

    The cost?

    The Digital plan starts at $3.38/week ($13.52 per month). This plan is for people who basically want to do the program on their own. 

    The Digital 360 plan starts at $4.61/week ($18.44 per month). This plan contains all of the features of the Digital plan, and is for those who want more guided support. 

    These prices were documented back in 2021 but prices have said to change according to there website.

    Post to checkout ?