Small Business Interview

Health and Wealth

Hey everyone, welcome back; this weekend, I am continuing a new series near my heart about small business owners. Show support by sharing, shopping, and following them. I send love to anyone chasing their dreams. Never give up! Never lose hope! Today we are supporting Time2Mend ( Terea)

Business Name: Time2Mend
Category: Health & Wellness
Mission Statement: A safe space dedicated towards assisting you along your healing journey.
Products include: White Sage, Palo Santo, Evil Eye Keychains, E-Books, T-Shirts, Healing Mantra Cards, Evil Eye Earrings, Journals
Social Media Handles:
Twitter: @yourtime2mend
Instagram: @yourtime2mend
Facebook: @yourtime2mend

Stay safe, Stay Warm and Shop Small!

1. What inspired you to start your business? 

In 2016 I was in an abusive relationship that nearly turned fatal. After getting out of that toxic situation, with years of healing, self reflection, building self confidence, gaining the education to help others I decided to create a business that helps our people heal. 

2. How did you come up with your name and logo?

Since the word “mend” means to repair or fix something that has been damaged or broken and that requires time. Time2Mend

3. How do you advertise?

I use various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & Pinterest to gain a wide range audience. I showcase my items in a way that’ll spark the flame they need to start healing.

4. Best-selling products or services?

Thus far the best-selling product is the Emotional Transparency Journal which is a journal designed to let your emotions become transparent. With it’s clear design you are able to journal how you feel instead of keeping things tucked away and hidden. 

5. What’s your company’s goal?

My company’s goal is to inspire as many people in Our community to start their path’s towards healing and becoming a better version of themselves.

6. What makes your business unique?

I feel offering free resources that truly help you heal makes Time2Mend unique. Time2Mend isn’t here to sell you a dream, yet is here to provide you the tools you’ll need along the path of changing your life around.

7. Have you ever turned down a client? Why? How did it end? What did you learn?

In my line of work, I haven’t actually. Yet I have had someone unsubscribe from our mailing list, so I created a survey and sent it out asking if there were any changes to the emails that they would like to see with Time2Mend.

8. What advice would you give a new business owner?

Consistency is key. Be authentic and consistency. Don’t focus on the numbers and instead focus on your craft and the target audience that you know will benefit from your business.

9. What’s your biggest mistake you may feel you have made since starting your company?

Not factoring in the start up costs and trying to rush products onto the site versus taking the time to take professional styled product photos. 

10. If you consider yourself black owned or a minority business do you feel like you’ve been given the same opportunities as someone who is not considered black or a minority. If do not consider yourself black or minority what experiences have you encountered dealing with opportunities given or not given to you Or do you feel that all opportunities are the same? Why do you feel that way?

Unfortunately being a Black owned business it isn’t treated as the others because with it being Black owned, others may expect discounted items, more free resources, or will enjoy the site but not purchase or share it because healing isn’t something that is promoted much in Our community. Yet I feel with the more time we express how much we need to heal as a people, true change can happen and I can see more people consider the movement of healing that Time2Mend has crafted.

11. Give your future self some love

“I dedicate Time2Mend towards healing Our people and am very grateful for how far I’ve come and how far I’ll prosper forward”


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