Adenomyosis The Truth Behind The Pain: Angela

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Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog; today, we are diving back into a series close to my heart Adenomyosis The Truth Behind The Pain. If you have any questions, please be sure to leave a comment, and if you want to read more about adenomyosis, click here

Would you like us to use your real name or a fake one?

 Real is fine – Angela Arnold Ross

Where are you from? 

New Jersey by way of Australia

When were you diagnosed?  How old were you? 

Officially diagnosed about 2 years ago at 42 years but I have been fighting to know what was wrong since I had my daughter by c-section at 38 years.

How long have you had Adenomyosis? 

I bet I had it all my adult life – laparoscopic surgery in Australia at age ~19 years for severe “period pain” (think falling to the floor in pain) when I exercised and I think the MD said “endometriosis” then went on the pill until I had my daughter then it got worse from there – I always had bad periods but the pill helped. I fought with my OB/GYN when I moved from NYC to NJ after the baby to find out what was wrong as I was getting worse and worse.

Do you have children? 

One daughter almost 6 (going on 15 😊) On birth control or any medicine for ando? I tried IUD and went crazy on the hormones, tried low dose oral contraceptive as a last resort to surgery and then I think it made it worse! Or have you had a hysterectomy if so when? Hysterectomy was scheduled for 7/16/2020.

If you have had a hysterectomy do you still have symptoms? What are your symptoms? 

Before surgery: lower belly pain (stomach hurts to touch), bloating, back ache, depression, now the pain is so bad it is almost every day and I cannot work out as jumping up and down hurts )

What do you take for pain, nausea etc? 

I tried Tramadol, anti-inflammatories, medical marijuana but nothing has worked.

How long did it take you to be diagnosed? 

5 years of me fighting for diagnosis- all scans normal but have all clinical symptoms except heavy bleeding.

How has adenomyosis impacted your personal life? 

A lot – I yell at my daughter more when I am in pain (it is now chronic so it affects my mood a lot); I am often going back to bed to lie down as I feel terrible (with a hot water bottle) and cant look after my daughter, my daughter now knows that “mommy’s tummy is sore”, Mom is sick all the time.

What’s craziest/dumbest thing some has said to you?

My OB/GYN said “I have never heard of a pelvic pain/endometriosis specialist” – “maybe it is GI issue” (I have IBS and I know it was not GI) … when I told her the diagnosis from the other MD and refused to go to her for my annual “well …. have you ruled out fibromyalgia, pelvic congestion syndrome …” they were two diagnoses she never mentioned in 5 years ….I fired her as soon as I found my new surgeon at her hospital who SHE (amd he) knew!!!

Any other comments or questions you would like seen answered or heard ( what would you like the world to know about Adenomyosis)- the diagnosis is real, you might not look sick but you know your body

What would you like to see on the blog? Anything helpful around follow up after surgery, I am interested to know if I have any pain after surgery 

What diet do you follow? Have you changed it at all since being diagnosed? I haven’t changed my diet … I likely will have to after surgery – I am pretty fit (normally)


Adenomyosis The Truth Behind The Pain: Sue

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Hey, everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today we will be continuing a project I have been working on called Adenomyosis: The truth behind the pain. I have over 50 and counting women who are ready to tell their story. I was a little discouraged, but I realize these stories need to be read. We will have a new story every week, even a few videos. Of course, we will still have blog posts about getting healthy, juices, boosting the immune system, and more. Thank you for taking this journey with me lets get started. 

1. Would you like us to use your real name or a fake one? 


2. Where are you from?

I’m from Virginia 

3. When were you diagnosed? How old were you?

Suspected for many years but not able to diagnose until age 40 with robot assist lap. Had multiple tests, scan imaging, and surgeries, including two laps, Drs were sure they would find endo but never did. Just fibroids and ovarian cysts. 

4. How long have you had Adenomyosis?

She answered in question 3. 

5. Do you have children? On birth control or any medicine for ando? Or have you had a hysterectomy? If so, when?

No kids. &11-Was told by many Drs forever that if I had a child, it would make my pain go away. Over the years since puberty, I took oral BC pills. Many years continuous oral BC pills to prevent period. Depo Provera shot worked for about ten years, preventing period. Depo had to be administered every 8-10 weeks instead of 12 to stop breakthrough bleeding. Dr refused to give me a depo shot after weight gain came on sudden and believed it was the depo causing that. I tried Mirena IUD. I was on the doorstep the next morning, begging dr to remove it due to pain unless I was lying flat on my back. He said IUD could cause pain in women who have not had children. Hysterectomy leaving ovaries May 27, 2020.

6. If you have had a hysterectomy, do you still have symptoms? 

No symptoms so far since hysterectomy.

7. What are your symptoms?

Severe cramps and clots since puberty. Pain became in my 20s constant, not just on my period. Pelvic pain pressure and feeling like my insides were going to fall out through my vagina. Pain and bleeding after intercourse. Bloating. Back pain. 

Unknown if associated -migraines, IBS w constipation, weight gain

The only reason for hysterectomy was continuous bleeding with excessive clotting for three months straight. 

8. What do you take for pain, nausea, etc.?

Drs I saw would only prescribe ibuprofen 800 and alternate Tylenol. A heating pad helped with pelvic pain.

9. How long did it take you to be diagnosed?

Until age 40 as all my previous doctors would not do hysterectomy due to not having tried to have children

10. How has Adenomyosis impacted your personal life? 

The pain reduced my overall quality of life: depression, relationship issues due to sexual aspects due to pain.

11. What’s craziest/dumbest thing some have said to you?

You have ovarian cysts and fibroids, but that’s doesn’t cause the pain you describe 

12. Any other comments or questions?

-it’s debilitating on overall life and unfair to make women wait for relief with a hysterectomy because of their marital status and pregnancy attempts. The pain needs to be controlled. We are not drug seekers

13. What would you like to see on the blog?

How each woman’s symptoms differ, and treatment plans differ. Is there any correlation with other medical problems such as cervical cancer, PCOs, retroverted uterus, endo, PID, etc

I choose to start back with this story because I do not often hear many like this. As a child, you learn how to take care of yourself. If you are like me, you had a health class in school that explained periods, cramps, etc. But no one talks about chronic illnesses. I feel as though it’s taboo. Most people have the “that would never happen to me mindset.” Most people, especially men, assume “it can’t be that bad.” Even growing up, most women are molded to take care of every person. Women take care of the household, children, pets, and husband. Women bend, but we must never break. This space is safe. You are allowed to be in pain. You are allowed to be vulnerable. You are safe here.

30 Days of Juices and Smoothies: Golden Tea For Cramps

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Hey everyone, and welcome back to 30 days of Juice & Smoothies. If you are new here, we will be posting juice and smoothie recipes along with tips, tricks, and more for the next 19 days. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow, so you don’t miss a thing. Welcome to day 11!  Breaking the rules today, I know this recipe isn’t a juice or smoothie! A common question I get is asked a lot is how can I get control of my cramps. From heating pads, over the counter medicine, and THC ( legally, of course), it’s nice to have a quick and yummy tea with ingredients I am sure you already have in your fridge.

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Golden Tea:


  • 1 cup of dairy-free milk;
  • 1/2 tsp of turmeric;
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon;
  • 1/4 tsp of ginger,
  • Pinch of black pepper

Any sweetener will work, I would say agave, but it’s up to you. 

Heat milk until hot, stir in everything, let it simmer but not boil. Drink as often as needed. 

These measurements are based on what works for me; please feel free to add more ginger or turmeric but be careful because too much can cause stomach cramps. Also, be aware that turmeric stains easy.