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Hey everyone, welcome back; this week, I am starting a new series near my heart about small business owners. Being a small business owner myself, I understand the passion that goes into long nights and early mornings—working a regular 9-5 while packing orders, marketing, cleansing, and more. I send love to anyone chasing their dreams. Never give up! Never lose hope! Today we start with Michi, The owner of Cosmic Peach Co.

Stay safe, Stay Warm and Shop Small!

Business Name: Cosmic Peach Co.

Category: Jewelry, Metaphysical

Mission Statement: The handcrafted pendants I create helps those interested in manifesting positive  and desirable qualities by connecting them to a variety of stones so they can fulfill their emotional and metaphysical needs. My hope is that the pieces I create empowers others on their journey of healing, wellness, growth, and personal discovery while gaining knowledge about the world of precious stones.

What You Sell: Handcrafted stone pendants

Social Media: Twitter @cosmicpeachco ; Instagram @cosmicpeachco ; Facebook @cosmicpeachco


Contact: via any of my social media or via email at

  •   What inspired you to start your business?

I started crafting pendants in early 2019 however, my creative and entrepreneurial spirit was buzzing long before then. All my life I dabbled in the creative arts and business spirit, making keychains and necklaces from an early age. I even went as far as standing in a bank lobby on Fridays, selling candy bars on pay day to raise funds for my school. Turns out, I broke the school record and was rewarded with a free senior trip for my out of the box thinking.   

I’ve been through a number of intense experiences in my life, but I was not able to truly start the healing process until I stumbled upon the metaphysical community and the various things it has to offer. However, it wasn’t until I started learning more about the different kinds of precious stones that I truly found my passion. I began collecting stones not only because they were beautiful and unique, but I was also drawn to the metaphysical properties found within them. Their importance to me existed not only for the purpose of meditation and self reflection, but also to beautify the space around me.

I began following more and more accounts within the metaphysical community and that’s when I was connected to people creating wire wrapped jewelry. It reignited that same interest and passion that I once had as a child to create something with my own hands and better yet, I could finally work with a variety of natural and beautiful stones that hold a special significance and meaning to me.

My business stemmed from a need to heal myself and in that process I found the inspiration to help others through the creation of my pendants. Throughout my journey, my focus has been to create simple yet elegant pieces, that can fit into both casual and more dressy settings. It is my goal for customers to be able to carry a piece of my passion that can be beautiful and meaningful in their day to day life. After all, the body is a temple so why not beautify that too?

  • How did you come up with your name and logo?

My business originally started as Michipeachiii, an online moniker and a mashup between my nickname, and a play on words for the phrase “Just peachy.” The new name Cosmic Peach Co, is a nod to where I’ve come from and a nod to where I hope to go; over the moon and into the stars with the support I’ve been receiving.

  • How do you advertise?

I advertise my products on different social media platforms.

  • Best-selling products or services?

My most popular pendants are those made with either labradorite or rose quartz.

  • What’s your company’s goal?

One goal as a company is to be able to properly identify and disclose if a stone is man-made in an attempt to maintain transparency with my customers. Another of our goals is to provide proper research on the metaphysical properties of stones, so that I can provide this information clearly and concisely to potential customers. I want my products to function as something both aesthetically pleasing while also fulfilling an emotional and spiritual need.

  • What makes your business unique?

I believe my business is unique for multiple reasons. One of these reasons is due to the amount of research that I put into finding out the different metaphysical properties of the stones that I acquire. Another reason I would consider my business unique is because of the attention to detail and spirit that I put into crafting my pendants. I take great pride in making sure that both sides of my pendants are “clean.” A “clean” pendant is a pendant that makes use of the wire in such a way that both the back and front sides of the stone are designed in a neat and presentable way.

  • Have you ever turned down a client? Why? How did it end? What did you learn?


  • What advice would you give a new business owner?

Planning is such an underestimated part of starting a business. You need to define what it is you want to do, how you’re going to do it, and what steps you plan on taking in order to get there. You need to research your costs, what platform you intend to use to sell your product, and what you’re required to do legally in your state as a business owner and know when you’re required to file taxes. It can be extremely overwhelming and confusing at times, but cities tend to have small business associations or other resources available for you, in order to make this process more understandable. It is better to have all your ducks in a row early rather than to be blinded sided down the road, and even worse, put yourself at risk for penalties.

  • What’s your biggest mistake you may feel you have made since starting your company?

My biggest mistakes was not doing proper bookkeeping. I was not being organized in terms of tracking money in and out or paying myself what I was owed. Thankfully it was a fixable mistake but it took over a day to do so. I now have a better tracking system for myself and haven’t had any issues since.

  • If you consider yourself black owned or a minority business do you feel like you’ve been given the same opportunities as someone who is not considered black or a minority. If you do not consider yourself black or minority what experiences have you encountered dealing with opportunities given or not given to you Or do you feel that all opportunities are the same? Why do you feel that way?

As an Afro-Latina I feel that I have to work so much harder to gain visibility within my field. Sometimes it feels as though people in the art community are more willing and eager to promote white artists and only think of minority artists during social movements or heritage months.

  • Give your future self some love

I am so proud of you, for your strength, your endurance, and for your sense of commitment. I hope that you keep creating the things you love and that you keep expanding your horizons when it comes to the things you can offer. I hope that your sense of ambition keeps burning and that you continue to chase your dreams and goals.


Humble Soul

Humble Soul

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I also want to thank everyone for the love and support. We have been working really hard perfecting our craft. Content coming soon.