Herbal Remedies for Dehydration

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Do you constantly feel fatigued throughout the day and thirsty even after drinking several glasses of water? This may be because your body is not retaining enough water and is asking for more. No matter where you live hot or cold make sure you are taking care of your body and drinking water when you are thirsty. Dehydration affects vital organs of the body like brain, kidney, liver, stomach, lungs etc by hampering the oxygen supply to the brain. 

The most common warning signs and symptoms of dehydration are:

Diarrhea/ Dry mouth/ Sleepiness/ Feeling thirsty/ Decreased urination / Muscle weakness / Lower blood pressure/ Very dry skin

Types of dehydration:

Hypotonic or Hyponatremic- the loss of electrolytes, mostly sodium

Hypotonic or Hypenatremic- the loss of water

Isotonic or Isonatremic- the loss of both water and electrolytes

What do electrolytes do? Electrolytes keep us alive. They absorb fluids and stay hydrated, they also help to regulate the bodies ph and other important functions

The main electrolytes in the body are sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride

If you trouble with drinking water try my top three herbal remedies. As always consult with your doctor or trusted physician before trying any remedies if you have any concerns or question. You can also always email me at humblesoul80888@gmail.com.

#1 Chamomile ;

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Chamomile comes as a de-caffeinated tea option that further helps you keep hydrated by replacing the fluids lost due to dehydration

Take 1 bag of dried chamomile flowers in a cup of hot water and let it soak for 10 minutes before straining it. Have two to three cups of chamomile tea every day

warning:( chamomile will make you sleepy and is known to have calming effects / teabags cooled down can also be used for eyes and helping with pink eye)

#2 Elderflower ;

Elderflower may help in reducing the body temperature and lessen the need of expelling heat form the body through evaporation. The flowers and berries are the only edible part of the plant

Consume one-two teaspoons of this powder with water at least two times every day. You can also make a herbal tea and consume it daily for better results

Add 1 tablespoon dried elderberry flowers in a tea pot and fill up with boiling water. Elderberry flowers can be dried easily by hanging them or by drying them in the dehydrator

warning: they are mildly toxic and have an unpleasant taste when raw. possibly unsafe when used in ex sessile amounts.

#3 Licorice ;

A favoured herb in Indian households and is used in several ways. It helps in cooling your body temperature and prevents heat stroke, dehydration and fatigue. It can be consumed in the form of a decoction, further keeping the body cool and hydrated. 

Mulethi water can be consumed by soaking the roots in water for some time before straining it

warning: short time side effects of licorice are symptoms such as fatigue and headache, the long-term side effects can be much more serious such as high blood pressure, nosebleeds, anxiety ; no more than 100 mg per day

Other Tips & Tricks:

Athletes, gym-goers, and growing children, should add a pinch of Himalayan salt and a splash of lemon to their water. This will help to generate the electrolytes in water which are responsible for hydrating the body

Drinking water that is boiled and cooled down to room temperature is considered the

You can have fresh fruits and vegetables with high water content, such as cucumbers, avocado, lettuce, zucchini, radishes, strawberries, watermelon, muskmelon, citrus fruits etc.

Other drinks to try: homemade vegetable juices, fruit smoothies, frozen fruit pops, water with fruit slices, kombucha, bone broth or other vegetable broths

Water/Juice Recipes Safe For Children:

Always consult with your child’s doctor when you have major concerns of dehydration

1-Barley water – a great way to help your body restore its lost nutrients

Ingredients:½ cup barley /2 cups of water/1 teaspoon lemon juice / Honey to taste

What You Should Do: Boil barley in water. Let it simmer for 30-40 minutes. After the concoction cools down, add honey and lemon juice. Drink this water 3-4 times a day for best results. Introduce barley water after your baby is six months of age

2-Cranberry- have high water content, and these small berries also contain an apt amount of sugar and salt, which the body loses when you become dehydrated

What You Should Do: drink fresh cranberry juice to feel better once or twice a day

3-Lemon water-Lemons have ample amounts of sodium, potassium and magnesium. Drinking lemon water helps you replenish these lost nutrients and makes you feel better

Ingredients: 1 glass of filtered water / 1 tbsp lemon juice / 1 tsp sweetener

What You Should Do: In a glass of water, mix lemon and honey. Drink lemon water two to three times a day. Lemon water should not be given to babies till they are at least six months old. Honey should not be given to babies under 1 years old

4- Apple Juice- Apple juice is excellent for combating dehydration because it’s high amounts of magnesium and potassium

Ingredients: 1 glass of filtered water / 1 apple

What You Should Do: Blend apple and water to make juice. Drink this juice two times a day. Apples should be avoided until your infant turns six months

5-Banana’s-Dehydration makes you lose essential minerals such as potassium from your body. Bananas are rich in potassium. Thus, they help in replenishing the lost potassium from the body

Ingredients: 1or 2 bananas a day

What You Should Do: Consume a banana before indulging in any strenuous physical activity. Banana can be consumed once or twice in a day. It is not recommended to give bananas to a baby who is less than six months of age. It is one of the best home remedies for dehydration in infants

These statements are not meant to cure a disease or act in any medical capacity. Always consult with your doctor if you have any concerns. I am just a Humble herbalist and juicer trying to help heal the world.

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