Smokeable Herbs

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Hi everyone and welcome back for another informative blog post. Today we are going to be talking about smokeable herbs. Now of course smoking of any kind should be done by only a person 21+ and up I believe the legal age is now. As for what you are smoking tobacco, cannabis either cbd or not are all good fits to blend with herbs.

Of course, this article is for educational purposes only. Speak with your doctor before trying any herbal smoking blends.

Reasons for smoking herbs:

Quitting tobacco / Relaxation / Mood enhancement / Mental stimulation / Respiratory support / Spiritual rituals

Types of smoking herbs: Base Herbs- Supportive Herbs- Flavoring Herbs

Some herbs may be in more than one group!

Here are the standard proportions you want to follow:

Base Herbs- 40 to 60% A base herb is a neutral herb that is easier on the throat. It is commonly used as the main ingredient in your smoking blends.

Mullein / Damiana / Mugwort /Raspberry leaves / Marshmallow roots /Yarrow / Chamomile

Supportive Herbs– 30 to 40% Typically used to fill in effects wanted in the formula that are not supplied by the base herb.

Skullcap / Blue lotus / Passion flower / Catnip / White Sage / Wild lettuce / Wormwood

Flavoring Herbs-10% to 20% Optional herbs that help harmonize the action of the blend you are creating.

Lavender / Rose petals/ Lemon balm / Spearmint / Peppermint

Example of proportions: Parts are measured in weight, so it could be a milligram or an ounce up to a pound

8 ounces base herb

4 ounces supporting herb 1 + herb 2

2 ounces supporting herb 3

2 ounces balancing herb 1

1 ounce balancing herb 2

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Herbs for lungs:

Peppermint : helps clear lungs and respiratory tract great flavor, may improve blood circulation

Mullein: gentle yet powerful smoke, used as medicine for lungs as a cleanser, if to dry won’t smoke well so you may have to rub the leaves together

White Horehound: very potent anti-inflammatory, used to treat whooping cough and asthma, high in marrubin, one of the five sacred herbs

Hyssop: used to clean and purge the lungs, used to relieve anxiety and stimulate focus, may make you sweat

Herbs used to quit cigarettes:

Red Raspberry Leaf: great tobacco alternative, may neutralize nicotine poisoning, known as a sedative herb and may help with period pain

Bergamot: a strong lung antiseptic, rich in oregano oil, reduces nicotine cravings

Lobelia: known as Indian tobacco, effective with quitting smoking, bonds to same receptors in the brain like nicotine

Calming Herbs:

Skullcap: may help with anxiety, may help manage headaches, nervous system booster

Chamomile: may help with withdrawal symptoms from smoking nicotine, may help with calming effects

Mugwort: the dream herb, mellows our flavor profile, history used to potentially alleviate fever, colds, digestive issues, nervous problems, and menstrual problems and spiritual uses

Damiana: very flavor desert herb, may enhance lovemaking, originates from South and Central America

Sample Blend:

Calm Blend:

2 parts (Base): Raspberry Leaf or Mugwort

1 part (Action + Supportive): Mexican Tarragon

½ part (Flavoring/Aromatic): Rose Petals, (or choice of  aromatic, like lavender!)

Quit Cigs:

(Base) Red raspberry leaf or Lobelia

(Supportive) Skullcap

(Flavoring) Peppermint or Spearmint

Tear the dried leaves and flowers with your fingers to crumble them. As you’re mixing it be sure to keep turning it, and connect to it. Add anything else that might be inspiring to your blend that calls you. Before smoking, use a grinder preferably, to break it down so it’s perfectly ready to roll. Or place your dried leaves and petals directly onto a pipe to enjoy. If you’re storing a bunch of it in a jar, or bag, add a drop of honey to keep it moist

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