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10 Signs You May Need A Mental Break

Hey everyone and Happy Wellness Wednesday! If you have not already don’t forget to head over to my Instagram to learn about this week’s topic constipation. For our question of the day, we are going more in the mind with 10 signs you may need a mental break. 

Now for me personally I have no issue turning off my phone for 2 days straight just to get some peace of mind. Now of course with covid, friends, children, boyfriends, wives etc. That may not be an option for many of you. So, I will also cover a few ways to keep you grounded and feeling secure. 

#1 sign you may need a break is you are restless even when you are trying to relax you can’t seem to sit still. ( Brain won’t turn off)

#2 Not a very good sleep schedule! If you have sleep issues more than 4 nights a week it could be a sign something else is going on or it is hard to quiet your mind.

#3 Changes in your eating habits (skipping meals, forgetting to eat, not drinking water).

#4 You are sick A LOT (too much stress can cause your immune system to weaken).

#5 You have little to no motivation with work, with friends etc.

#6 You are constantly procrastinating (feeling of being anxious which is stopping you from getting things done)

#7 You are socially withdrawn (if you normally are a hermit this still applies) From not checking in to ignoring those who are there for sure.

#8 You feel like you lost control of your life (Everything seems hectic, and you can’t grasp control).

#9 You feel alone (Like no matter what no one understands what you are feeling or saying).

#10 Brain Fog (Short term memory loss or simply just spacing out randomly thru out the day.

Now I hope and pray that you have no more than 1 to 2 numbers you checked and if you do that’s okay to. From someone who self isolates often trust me I get it. One thing I do to help myself stay afloat whenever I feel not myself is meditating. Now I understand not everyone has the time to sit around or even the patience, so I am here to tell you a secret. Meditation is any action, place or thing that helps you clear your mind. From running, gardening, painting, dancing, or any hobby that floats your boat. 

Something I tell myself daily is that “I am the most important in my life”. My health comes first, my love for me comes first, my mental comes first. Without me being 100% even 80% how can I help others? Taking a simple 10 minutes to give yourself a break can help improve your mental. Set your boundaries and stick to them.

I am here to encourage you to stay strong. It seems a bit bleh, but you are not alone I promise. Everyone has a person platonic, romantic, over the internet, pen pal etc.

If you need someone to talk to please feel free to shoot me a message or call this hotline 1-800-662-4357. 

See you soon!

2 thoughts on “Question Of The Day:

  1. I have experienced a couple of these signs a time or too and previously I’ve felt guilty because some people around me always felt I should be available. Now I have no problem putting my phone on DND, even for a couple hours and do yoga or workout. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I have experienced a couple of these signs a time or two . I’ve previously felt guilty for taking me time because some people felt as though I should always be available, so I wouldn’t take as much time for me as I needed to. Now I don’t have a problem putting my phone on DND and taking that time to do yoga or workout for a hour or 2 and it’s helped ! Thank you for sharing!!

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