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Wellness is becoming more aware of the choices you make for a balanced life. Wellness is the pursuit of continued growth and balance. In the previous post on my blog, we have gone over a few pillars of wellness and, my favorites is spiritual wellness. Spiritual Wellness, the basis of spirituality is discovering a sense of meaningfulness in your life and coming to know that you have a purpose to fulfill to read more check out this blog post below.  Today I have had the honor of speaking with my love and good friend Carmen. She is a Writer, Astrologer, Spiritual Advisor, Reader, Psychic Medium, Healer and Hoodoo Herbalist. If haven’t read my first interview you should know this is a mini-series I am working on to teach you all about different ways you can heal and amazing people who can help you.

• What healing modalities are you into? Choose one and Explain
For example how would explain tarot reading + benefits? How would explain being a doula or reiki master and the benefits?

I use different modalities for healing, I am a certified Reiki Master, I hold certifications in past life regression, Akashic records healing and crystal healing. I also do tarot and intuitive readings. I would say if I had to pick one it would be a tie between crystal healing and tarot, I’m more known for tarot so let’s talk about that. I feel like tarot readings or intuitive readings can be very beneficial, they can serve as tools to help the client or querent identify areas that they need to heal or things that they are holding onto that are causing energetic blocks. Then you’re able to advise and assist In that person’s journey with the things that come up. I feel like readers we give the tools we help shed light and push the client in the right place but ultimately it’s up to them to do the work, but it’s easier or at least helpful to at least know what areas  you need to work on as far as your healing 

• In a few words what started you on your journey?

My moms death triggered my first awakening and I think it was just too much at once, so my gifts and even self healing was put on hold until I ended things with a karmic, I came out of that relationship realizing I was a lil’ toxic bishhh and just wanted to heal and be a better version of myself so I started with therapy and that allowed me to feel comfortable enough to start my spiritual journey. ( I was raised Christian, so it was always hard for me bc everything in Christianity didn’t resonate for me, and I always thought myself to be more spiritual than religious) 

• Which spiritual principles steer your work?

My personal story has been a guiding light for me, I’ve been through so much and for the most part of my life I had to go through those things alone and just kind of like figured it out as I went, I started my journey and I started connecting with my guides and ancestors and that helped but I didn’t feel like I really had anyone I could go to, so I wanted to be that spiritual advisor for people going through it and just wanted to be a service and be there and let people know that no storm is too great no mistake no trauma so too great (not to downplay anyone’s experiences) but nothing is too great that you can’t overcome it. I named my business healing InnerGs – healing the inner god and goddess in you, so that you can fulfill your soul mission as well as live the life you desire and really deserve 

• Which non-invasive healing strategies would you frequently employ? 

Affirmations. Affirmations in themselves can be really healing because they help reprogram your brain from negative thought patterns. It’s nothing that you have to do but more so what needs to affirm. 

• How would you respond if your spiritual guidance was poorly received? 

I would ask what part of the message didn’t resonate, and see if I can offer some type of Clarity, but from my own journey I know sometimes it’s not that the  message didn’t resonate it’s just sometimes you’re not ready to hear it and that’s ok. But I’ve honestly only had two experiences where it was like no this isn’t it lol but months later they came back and said it did help. I feel in those cases I just try to further explore what’s going on and if that doesn’t work just fall back. Not everyone will resonate with you that’s also ok 

• What could spiritual work do to bolster community connections?

The whole purpose of being a spiritual worker or healer, conjurer is that you were gifted with those tools to be a service. Being a service to the community will allow healing on a mass level, allow community collaboration and help build relationships that will in return allow our communities to grow 

• What are a few challenges of building your business and your following? If you have any or advice for someone up and coming?

Being consistent, I realized I’m not an everyday collective message. I post when I feel called to and I know that some people want that and that’s how a lot of spiritualists build their following, I’m not big on followers because with any message or service I post it’s always posted with the intentions that whoever needs it will see it and that’s been working for me. One other challenge I still struggle with is balance, I hate saying no and I want to help as many people as I can because I love what I do but spiritual burnout is real and I’m learning that it’s okay to close for a bit to rest. Advice for someone up and coming, stay authentic, stay true to your calling and purpose, don’t follow trends, don’t get discouraged if business is slow in the beginning or if you hit slow periods, don’t get caught up on the money part of things. Money will come when your intentions are pure. Don’t compare yourself, your journey, your business is unique to you. Don’t get into this business for clout because the universe will humble you, and last but not least stay protected and don’t let a hating ass bish phase you. Do you! Always! 

• How do you stay grounded?

Meditation, taking walks, get out in nature, showers lol a meditative shower can help you hit reset so fast, I do reiki sessions on myself. Journal and spend time at my altar, music and Dancing 

• What is the definition of rest to you?

Doing whatever puts my mind body and soul at peace, it could be a nap, it could be working on a creative project that’s just for me to free trapped energy and express myself creatively. Eating tacos and watching movies. Rest for me comes in different forms but it’s whatever allows me peace and recovery 

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