Adenomyosis The Truth Behind The Pain: Hystrectomy ; Happy

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Hey everyone, welcome back; today, I had the pleasure of getting to know happy. A 44-year-old woman who’s strength can not be measured. If you were diagnosed with adenomyosis and want to tell your story, please send us a message.

  • Would you like a real name or fake name used? Happy for first name to be used. 
  • Where are you from? Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK
  • How old were when diagnosed? How old were you when you got a hysterectomy? 44 for both op and diagnosis. I suffered from period pains from when I was 9 or 10 years old and was diagnosed as a grumbling appendix, I suffered bouts of debilitating pain monthly for a couple of years before I started my period.   I was 14/15 years old when I then went on the pill (Femedene and Celeste) I remained on the pill  until I was 42, it hid all of my symptoms until I stopped taking it in 2018. I try to treat myself of any ailment naturally and at 42 I had decided that was the last chemical to be removed from my life. Very quickly I suffered migraines and pain but never heavy bleeding eventually it became a bi monthly cycle of debilitating pain and severe migraines for 5-6 days at a time every time I ovulated or had my period. I had been pushing for a hysterectomy since my early 30’s and finally at 40 my dr agreed,  but I didn’t opt for it until I could no longer deal with the effects on my life and mental health so only about 18 months after I came off the pill. I was formerly diagnosed with adeno at my 6 week post op appointment with my gyno. Before that it had never shown on my ultrasounds or been suggested that I can recall. It was a huge relief to know there had actually been something wrong with me all this time. 
  • What made you decide to get a hysterectomy? I have never wanted children and wanted a hysterectomy from an early age as I didn’t want to have an accidental pregnancy, but I was always told “I may change my mind” so it wasn’t until i hit 40 my dr agreed. 
  • Pros and Cons? I am pain free, I feel like I’m finally the woman I always should have been. No cons other than a longer recovery than I expected
  • What symptoms did you have before surgery? Before and after the pill I suffered debilitating pain that kept me in bed and on pain relief for days on end. Migraines, cramping in hips, lower back and down from of my abdomen to the top of my legs, bloating, breakouts round ovulation. Stabbing pain in my left ovary. Lethargy.
  • How was recovery? Do you still have the same symptoms? I no longer have any symptoms, Although I  do still bloat a little with my cycle. I had a few months early on where I still had a little ovulation pain as I kept my ovaries but that’s subsided . Recovery was longer than I thought it would be, you read about people being fine after 2 weeks, I was off work for 7 weeks and was a full 3-6 months before I felt 100%. I found the hystersisters website a great help, it gave me week by week info on what to expect during recovery and a place to talk with others going through the procedure the same week as me. I’m slim and fit and healthy so honestly thought I’d bounce back, the first 3 weeks I could barely sit up for more that 30 mins at a time and slept a lot and got tired very very quickly. The pains changed day by day as my body healed, the worst part for me was lying or standing I had a feeling like my organs were readjusting to their new more spacious environment. For the first 6-7 months I felt like the muscles stitched to close off my vaginal cavity and cervix entrance were pulling down and they got tired quickly and felt like they needed stretching, I’ve now reached a point that I don’t have discomfort. I also had strong pelvic floor muscles and I know my body had to readjust and strengthen muscles in that area to be balanced. That was the biggest issue. And gas in the joints after the op, so painful but after a few days it disperses, no one told me about that. Constipation and having to learn the new way my body told me I had a full bladder….that took weeks to work out 😂 Despite that I don’t regret my decision and the recovery period was better than a good day of pain by miles!
  • Do you have any children? If not, why did you decide against it? No I’ve never wanted children 
  • How long did it take for your surgery to be approved or accepted? More than 10 years asking for it, finally agree at 40 then as soon as I decided I wanted to proceed it was only about 2 months before I had the procedure 
  • Anything you would tell someone considering getting a hysterectomy?  For me it was an easy decision, I never wanted children so I didn’t struggle with any of the usual “I can’t have children” “I won’t be a woman” hell I didn’t even know what was wrong with me. But for those that want children it’s a huge decision. So take your time, for as long as you can cope with the adeno pain, but all of the treatments (apart from the hysterectomy) are just pain management but they don’t stop it, it doesn’t go away it just progressively gets worse, I my consider myself lucky I didn’t suffer as badly as many others.
  • Before surgery, what treatment plan/medicine did you use? As I like to treat myself naturally rather than with pharmaceuticals. I used CBD oil, devils claw and white willow bark (natural equivalent to ibuprofen and aspirin) and turmeric and a heat pad for pain relief. Peppermint oil, magnesium and cooling mat for migraines. And when the pain became unbearable I used cocodamol. None of the treatments I used got rid of the pain or migraines just made them bearable. I also did meditation, yoga, reiki, EFT and past life trauma investigations, these did give me some help. 

  • Anything you would like the world to know? It’s your body so don’t be dismissed by doctors with its period pain, push for an MRI and ultrasound, Don’t be forced to take medications if you know you want the op, don’t be forced into the op if you can live with the pain. There needs to be more information on adeno as there’s very little. You can get hot flushes after the op, I believe it’s caused by the ovaries resetting after the shock of the operation and jeez all I can say I hope menopause doesn’t hit like the one hot flash I had because I ended up on the bathroom floor with my pants round my ankles sweating profusely and shaking, my poor husband wasn’t sure what to do with me (lol). So be prepared!

Asking and accepting help is hard, but if you have the op you need to accept and ask for help. Be kind to yourself. 

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