Self Care On 4/20/2020


Aloha and Welcome, everyone! Happy 4/20! I know it’s been a minute since you heard from me, but I am back and better. One lesson I am still learning every day is to take care of myself. I know it sounds simple, but when you’re used to taking care of everyone else, you always forget one person: YOU. I know for myself, I try to dedicate one day just for me. Being a military wife can be hard sometimes; to want alone time is hard because quality time is valued. You deal with long hours, long deployments, and sometimes no contact. Even someone in the service should make time for themselves. Personally, I know my bad habits and work on them daily; from overbooking myself, throwing empty promises, and even not getting enough rest. Anyone with a dream can relate, when you want something badly enough, sleep is something you work for. But, when you have family, a husband, or even kids, remember to not to spread yourself too thin. To be there for them, you have to be your whole self. Hopefully, that makes sense. (Lol) 

Moving on this morning, I decided to take the day off, in a sense. I started my morning with a hot bath. Water has always felt like home to me even though I do not know how to swim. And yes, I have lived in Hawaii my whole life and can’t swim. Taking a bath once a week for at least 20 minutes has been proven to help with dry skin and even sleeping. I have also been in bed all day, just relaxing. I am only up now to give this peace of mind to you all. Since we are all stuck inside, it is still very easy to overwork yourself. I have been putting everything into my business, but forgetting to fuel my mind and soul. It’s essential to remember to stop and give thanks. If you are like me and have an alter, CLEAN IT, WASH IT, CHANGE THE WATER, AND LEAVE AN OFFERING. Please never forget what’s been given can be taken away. But, never beat yourself up when you can’t. When you are walking in your real soul purpose, your ancestors are more proud of you, then you know. You are never alone, no matter who or what is around. Another self-care tip I have is to stop worrying about what you are eating or drinking. Please don’t let anyone try to tell you that you have to be healthy every day. Last week, Josh and I ate ramen for a week straight. I mean, there no real guidelines for something like this. I only ask one thing: stay faithful for yourself, listen to your gut, and drink lots of water.

You are such a beautiful human being, and the world needs your magic! Never be afraid of what’s to come live in the present. I am blessed to have lived on Oahu this long. I have learned not only how to love others but to love myself, and that’s honestly the best self-care at all. Loving yourself is the best magic you have. Don’t water it down or let anyone downplay your magic. Just like money and love, it’s just energy. The energy that is all around us moves in circles nonstop. How do you get it to come to you, you ask? MANIFEST! Every day of every second, every thought you have is being processed by the universe. And, yes, even the negative ones. An excellent exercise to try is every time you catch yourself saying something negative, say something positive. You must stay mindful. Mindfulness has many known benefits, including the ability to control what you think and feel.

As soon as you recognize the distinction between realities and anxieties, you can command your brain to focus on the positive things that are happening now. Next, you must practice gratitude. Instead of worrying about the things you can’t control, you can focus on the things that you currently have. Your current career, successes, and accomplishment should be a testament that life is just a series of give and take. Relish the relationships you have and the opportunities you have seized so far. There is nothing more heartwarming than reminding yourself of all the good things you have done so far. Next, always remember to say what you mean. Your life shouldn’t be focused on pleasing others. Stick to your principles and do what you think feels right. You are not only able to filter out the functional interactions from the bad ones, but you will also feel good knowing that you are not compromising your values for the sake of others. Say it with me, BOUNDARIES can be set with family, friends, and even your partner. You teach people how to treat you. Some will try to poke the bear and see how far they can get, and I am saying to you: cut it off. The more you let it slide, the less respect you will be given. I have learned that lesson the hard way. I pray you choose to heal. Use this time to heal your inner child. Below are some guided meditations that I love. But only select the one that calls to you in a sense. Talk Soon. 


Joke of the day;

Ben has 911 candies. He eats 420. What does he have now?


Ben has diabetes.


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